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A note on the passing of the Fall '22 bond
Posted 11/9/22

A special thanks to the USD 373 school community that took the opportunity to have their voices heard through the voting process. The passing of the bond is something very important to our students and staff at the Santa Fe campus and the school community as a whole. We look forward to working with our partners at DLR/Gravity Works, McCownGordon, and Stifel to get students back into a gym and address the other needs at that facility. 


The Board of Education did an outstanding job of working through this difficult process and presented the information to the public in such a way that reflects the transparency we hope our general public understands we want reflected in all that we do as a team. The way they deliberately considered options, struggled through conflict, and ultimately supported a decision as a unit is how representative governance should work. I commend them for their dedication to student success and desire to continue to be good stewards of your tax dollars. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. Thanks again to the Newton community for their support. 


-Superintendent Fred Van Ranken