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Walton Rural Life Charter Foundation
PO Box 140
Walton, KS 67151-0140


Phone: 620.837.3161
Fax: 620.837.5669

Walton Rural Life Charter Foundation


                                                   An affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation

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The future of our children begins today.

The Walton Rural Life Charter Foundation is actively seeking funding as a tax-deductable donation to the Walton Rural Life Charter School. Your gifts will allow us to continue agricultural project based learning in a campus atmosphere. Our program has proven successful as we have received the coveted Governor’s Achievement Award for 2 of the last 4 years since the inception of WRLC. That means that our charter school is in the top 5% of ALL schools in the state of Kansas. We are very proud of the success of our students and their foundation in learning centered around agriculture. WRLC is creating a 21st century learning program for the future of the community of Walton, the state of Kansas and potentially the country.

Goal #1
The Advisory Board and Foundation Board of Directors have started exploring the concept of a new facility to accommodate our growing program. It is an excellent opportunity for our community and a thrilling time to be a part of the WRLC family, however, with any project of this size, the financial need is similar in size.

Please contact the Central Kansas Community Foundation if you have questions or contact your estate planner to find out how you can contribute to the Walton Rural Life Charter Foundation.

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US Department of Education

WSU Graduate Study

  • WRLC was the subject of a graduate study with the program being highly regarded as the next generation in educational programs.


  • A study of agriculture project based teaching methods based on the success of our program and our teachers.

Intel School of Distinction Finalist

WRLC Foundation Advisory Board

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Missy Wonders:

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Walton Rural Life Charter Foundation
PO Box 140
Walton, KS 67151-0140